An AMBITIOUS LIFESTYLE. A brand that embodies that lifestyle. It is a self proclaimed commitment. To Strive. To Hustle. Succeed.


The rules are simple and universal... You are given one life, make the most of it. Do something important with it. Begin. Your time is limited. The challenge is not necessarily the lack of time, but lack of direction. To progress efficiently you must live life specifically in the direction of your choosing. We cannot hit a target we cannot see, furthermore, we cannot hit a target that does not exist. 


Choose a target and set your focus.




After the decision is made, days become steps of progress on the ladder to success. The climb is intentional. It is evident. A purpose now exists for your everyday hustle. It is no accident.




Quality of life is created. Created through effort and creativity. A creativity that is focused. Focused on your hearts truest desires. That desire you call your “dreams” and ambitions. This is a calling. A calling only you can answer, because it is a calling only you can hear. 


PROOF® apparel represents this belief. Serves as a reminder for yourself. Expresses this message to others. A fair warning. Our PROOF® apparel embodies quality, meaningful substance, and sophisticated style. This is an AUTHENTIC LIFESTYLE BRAND


Your reason for living. PURPOSE


Your decision to do so. PROOF


Goals. Ambitions. On a mission. Living life on purpose. Living PROOF.