You say you need more time, but we really need more direction.

We're the ones. Doing it. Solving the problems. Shaping the future. Creating tomorrow. We live our life with purpose. Meaning we have a passion we follow.

It's simple and universal.

One life. Make the most of it.

An active lifestyle brand founded in Honolulu, Hawaii. A decision was made to find a direction in life, and to get going. The PROOF® brand embodies an ambitious lifestyle with premium quality branded apparel and merchandise. A life with purpose is anything but stagnant or substandard.

It is a self-proclaimed commitment. To Strive. To Hustle. Succeed. 


We cannot hit a target we cannot see, furthermore, we cannot hit a target that does not exist. 


Choose a target and set your focus. Live ambitious.




Actions speak one word. One word that says it all. PROOF.

The quality of life is created through effort and creativity that is focused on our hearts truest desires. We call that desire our calling. We are what we repeatedly do. Answer that call. Everyday.

Our simplistic bold logo serves as a reminder to ourselves. It expresses our mindset to others. A fair warning. Our products embody what this ambitious lifestyle is about. Quality. Substance. An authentic lifestyle brand


Your reason for living. - PURPOSE


Your decision to do so. - PROOF