About // Brand


The words that follow I AM, follow you.

It's simple.

You have one life. It is comprised of time. What you spend it on is your decision to make.

PROOF is an active lifestyle brand of the registered trademarked company,  PROOF OF PURPOSE®. Founded in Honolulu - Hawaii by Jantzen Weight. A decision was made to find a direction in life, and to get going. The PROOF brand embodies the ambitious lifestyle of goal setters and risk takers providing functional branded apparel and accessories. A life with purpose is anything but stagnant or substandard and our mission it to meet your high standards in quality product and reinforce style with mindful substance in an authentic brand.


We cannot hit a target we cannot see, furthermore, we cannot hit a target that does not exist. 


PROOF symbolizes a decision to take action. An expression of your inner ambition. The name declares your intentional decision to strive, hustle & succeed. 

 Choose a target and set your focus. Then...




Actions speak one word. One word that says it all. PROOF

The quality of life is not given but created. Produced through consistent effort and creativity that is focused on an individual's heart and truest desires. We call these inherent desires our calling. We are what we repeatedly do. So answer that call everyday. It's ringing just for you.


Inspiration is the greatest gift we can give to the World.


Your reason for doing // PURPOSE

Your decision to do so //  PROOF

It is our priority to provide the complete package of product and substance in an authentic lifestyle apparel brand that's all about creating the life you want to live. We look forward to seeing what you can do. Get out there and get going. 


Mediocrity is like gravity. Greatness takes effort.